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I am writing this review to ask the developers for assistance. I cannot send an email from the app. Pasting a copy of my attempt to contact the company. How do we receive alert sounds, banners and badges? They are all turned on in settings/notifications. I have purchased the text/alert upgrade for both iPad and my iPhone. I also used our second email address on the iPhone to eliminate one possible problem. Thank you, George

Could be better

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't Some of the important radio stations are available or don't work

Many stations don’t work

I live in Indiana in there’s three locations that I depend on and I cannot get any of them to work. this app Hasn’t worked right for years

No radio

Opened the app 10 minutes a go and still waiting for the radio to”connect”. Not off to a good start 😕

Radio portion no longer works

The “radio” portion of this app quit working about a year ago. That pretty much makes it worthless. It is named “NOAA Weather Radio” after all.

Great NOAA Radio App

This is my GOTO NOAA radio app. I live in Southern California where the weather is always perfect and I really don’t NEED a weather app, but I frequently travel and use it then.

App broken-Come on Chris!

Chris, Please fix your app. I have paid for enhanced maps only to find that almost all the map layers I paid for don't work. No radar. No temps. No snow fall totals. No wind. Nothing!!! I have privately written you. No response. I have commented here in the review section. No response although Apple now provides you with the ability to respond. If you have abandoned this app, you have the ethical responsibility to remove it from the app store and reimburse customers who paid for functionality they never received. I am a developer myself and this is unacceptable. The only remaining option is contacting Apple. I am really trying to cut you a break and not do that, but...

Needs more radio stations!

So far, I like the NOAA Weather Radio app I installed, but it could use a few more NOAA Weather Radio stations, like for one where I live in Plymouth County, Massachusetts. If possible, will there be an update somewhere down the line for this app?


This website is NOT an official Government NOAA website. It's by CrushBox. I reported them to Apple but they still have this App available. I called & spoke to a Meteorologist in Topeka, KS, who told me that this App is NOT an official government website which is NOAA. I am surprised that Apple continues to list it as NOAA radio when it is not. I could never get the Topeka station. Apple take this website down.......

Certain Stations don't play

The station in my area does not work.


The app would be a great app if all the stations would play. For instance the station for Richmond VA WON'tplay.

No longer works for my state

Update: I wrote the developer and there have been no changes in how this app no longer works. He has not fixed this app for my state. I mentioned in the email something I did not mention here and that is that this app does not work on my Air 1 running iOS 10.3 nor my Air 2 running iOS 9.3.5. I really do not like to write reviews at this point, but the day I decided to do so was because my other weather apps showed a tornado alert. I once counted on this app to deliver radio updates for safety for all the millions of people who live here. I guess many of us will have to find another app. Too bad. I know that developers can now respond within a review, and I challenge him to fix this app or to say that he no longer supports this app. In case people have missed the news that many, many apps will not work unless they are updated for iOS 11, I warn you not to buy apps that have not yet been updated for iOS 10 at the very least. Apple is now, thankfully, removing many old apps from the store. If you are running iOS 10, you can find which apps that are on your device will not run unless updated. From the middle of June: I bought this eons ago for iPad 1, and while many people did not have coverage, we did. Now only 2 of the stations work. Sadly this does not include the capital nor any of the major cities. Very disappointed as weather can change rapidly here.

Update to like

At first I rated 5 stars but now using it more, it's okay. I added and paid for the extras as I thought this app would work like a weather radio with sound and thought I needed the extras for it to work, but it's only pop up alerts and nothing makes radio work, it just clocks. The page that looks like sound clocks and does nothing. I downloaded on my iPad and my iPhone. I only paid to upgrade on one device as I saw if I'd I write a review and email them with information they requested, they'd upgrade my app for free. I followed all info and never got free upgrade or an email or a reply. Maps are nice but wish I would've received free upgrade on app after rating as promised as well as I could hear weather radio I select for area. Disappointed....

Weather warnings on IPad

This is great! I just got this app today and it's already giving me thunderstorm warnings and watches! There's lots of weather information in this app and should be interesting to explore. I need to figure out how to add the weather broadcast for my area but I just got started! Fun and useful app!

It be ok if...

This program would be ok if it was designed to work on tablets without "GPS or Cell phone subscription. I have an IPad Pro with no GPS. This app cannot find my location even after entering, a zip code, or a city name. It just searches into infinity forever without producing results. Radar and Satellite maps take forever to load. When I downloaded this program I also purchased ALL OF ADD-ONs...none of them work. So, if you have GPS, or 4G or something like that then this app would be excellent. I am a retired National Weather Service Employee. IT uses all of NWS Data.

Would be a 5star if...

I really like the app. There's a lot of functions and information you can gather with the app. The main reason I got it was to listen to the local weather stations but it doesn't work, the majority of the stations don't work. That's why I gave it 3 stars. If the stations did work, I would have given it a 5 star rating.

Don't waste your money

Push notifications do not work. The app is supposed to broadcast severe weather alerts even while your device is in "sleep" mode but resets the push notification list of counties when my IPad goes into "sleep" mode. I have tried to contact Support for help on this problem but received no response. This app does not work as advertised.

Not as promised

When I first purchased this app it was fine. For a year now Boston would not come up. Wrote to inform them twice, no answer but the third time after threatened with review they got back to me and promised to work on it. Still is out. If you can't get a local reporting station it is useless. The alerts haven't worked either. The radio report is good but we already have it on our scanner.

This is horrible

Honestly, I wish I could get a refund. They didn't even have the county that I am in to set up the push notifications.


Weather radio won't connect to any city and police scanner doesn't cover my home city. Useless app all around. Waste of money.


This app is amazing but please update. With the last OS system update it has stopped working. Just says connecting

What's wrong with the radio

I've had this app for a few weeks and my local radio was down. Now it searches but nothing comes up. I tried the LA station and same thing. Very disappointed in that feature, the main reason I bought it.


Waste of money! Why ask for reviews? I've written several. None are published. Total waste of money!!!


This app is worse than the original. I have not been able to get ANY noaa radio in the Kansas City area since this apps original or updated versions. I have emailed the developer with no reply. So I'm assuming that this was just thrown together to make some quick bucks with no respect to functionality. Also I liked the old format better if it worked. Thumbs down on this one.

A good app...BUT...

The app does what it's supposed to and I'm glad I have it. However, it's a bummer to see up to 450 alerts listed on the App icon when really there are only a few. That's my only major complaint. Hope you guys post an update's been a while.

Radios not available

I've tried this app a couple of times. Each time NONE of the NOAA stations in Georgia were available. Deleted it again.


Support is not available for this app. At one time the app. Support team would respond but now nothing for months. I have been requesting support for mutable alerts for the same area. I'm in Florida and received alerts for 2 county area one alert for each county shows as 36 alerts in app badge when you open app to see alerts alerts are doubles of alerts in app. I have sent pics and request no response Time to find another app.

Great App

This app informs when ever there is a new weather statement issued. Let's me know when severe weather is the area. Really like it at night when I'm asleep, as long as Internet and wifi are working.

Good not great

While it does give you all the weather information you want it is difficult to set up. It is not intuitive as to how you go about selecting your particular stations. "Favorite Stations" page is particularly challenging.

So old it's useless

The radio weather for my location is for last Thursday - thus is late Saturday! What good is an old weather forecast? Why don't they keep it updated?

Ok App but stations I need are off the air all the time.

I bought this app because we travel in a motorhome and I found it easy to find local stations. However, most stations I need I have found to be off the air. I am not sure who controls the off air status, the app maker or the station owner. I have written support and got one response. Great concept, better if it worked.

What the western was 😁

Ok, if you want to know what the NOAA radio said the weather was going yo be five days ago! Maybe I just font know how to set it up. Today is Monday and the audio report is for last Thursday. Lotta go that'll do...


Have not had weather radio working for months after initial purchase. You would think that a major city like Atlanta GA would work. Nice to know they are working hard to fix the problem. Other functions work but primarily wanted to have a weather radio.


Keep up the good work

Radio not working

No stations appear to play audio. All day offline and my home radio is functioning correctly

Not happy

There app is a ripoff don't waste your money what a joke customer support is a joke app won't send push notifications then you try and contact them and they take there sweet time and then nothing what a joke Ripoff period

No station in N. AZ

No stations for N AZ including Grand Canyon. One of the great wonders with varying weather conditions and zero support. The are 4 stations and all in the south. I am sure all the weather info for Tucson helps borders jumps plan accordingly.

No radio weather in Philly

This app is supposed to connect with local weather radio. In three months since I've owned it that never happens. Philly area radio always says that it is offline.

Useful App

We really love use this app and getting all the alerts before you hear it on the news.


Don't waste your money. By a portable weather radio.

Does not work

Better than half the stations in my area show off line while I can hear them on a weather radio. Emailed support with no response. Save your money.

Recent Tornado

Very nice app! I found it very helpful during a recent Tornado.

Fantastic weather radio

I've always used NOAA weather radios in the past. I've been looking for a good iPad app that not only provided the NOAA radio broadcast but also the NOAA alerts. This app does it perfectly! One suggestion would be to implement the ability to disable certain alerts like "flood watch", "flood warning", etc. Where I live we never flood so I'd like to disable this alert. The support for this app is excellent, the developers are very quick to respond to any questions.


This does everything it claims. I especially like the alarm feature. Very easy to use & set up.


Love it!

Does not connect to any stations in my state....

I will try to give an honest review here.....since the day I purchased the app, over two weeks ago, it has not ONCE been able to connect to any stations in Louisiana. Half of the Mississippi stations also do not work. I contacted customer support and received a quick response suggesting that I delete and reinstall the app, which did nothing to change the problem. They also assured me that they were working hard to solve the issue. Two weeks later, I still cannot listen to any NOAA stations within 300 miles of me, and I am out of $3.99. Buyer beware.

Local is off-line

Onadaga, Mi. Radio is always off line. Other than that it's pretty good

NOAA Radio

Not impressed. Cannot receive local station keeps saying station is offline please check back later. I have tried the station over the past two weeks with no result. I can use a standard weather radio and station is working fine. Please resolve the issue.

Down weather stations

I really want to like this app but have noticed a fair amount of stations down. Last week when the tornado warning was issued for Joplin I immediately went to Springfield weather radio. It said station down - be safe. Also I paid for the high resolution radar. There are some better free radar apps out there. It has a huge time lag.

Best Weather App Around

I have used NOAA Weather Radio for years - on an iPad and a standard radio unit. I get accurate and timely information.

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